Pablo Garcia Lopez
After Newton’s revolution the life sciences entered on a period of mechanization. From a vitalist position to a mechanist one, in which the living beings and their processes where described as machines or artifacts. This mechanization was not only limited to the life science but was also extended to all the society and culture, especially during the industrial revolution.

Mechanism paradigm provided the perfect context to operate the transformation of human beings into cultural cyborgs. The conversion of humans into cyborgs provided a perfect conceptual framework for social determinism. Human minds and bodies had been transformed into machines where free will was only an illusion. Perhaps, the real transformation took place before by many anti-humanistic approaches (slavery, exploitation, etc) and many rigid behavioral systems (religious dogmatism, dictatorships, etc) and that is why we accepted it. We have always been machines.

After some years of mechanical Neuroscience I decided to change of paradigm to a more vitalist and organic one, becoming sculptor of my own brain.